Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bible Study and a Bittersweet Reminder

I'm sitting at my favorite coffee shop this morning, reading for my Bible study tomorrow. It's a welcome break from the "everyday" - I really do love digging into a book and searching out scripture in the Bible. 
As I flipped through my Bible this morning, I found my copy of the passage I read at my dad's funeral (from Meditation 17 by John Donne) and noticed my bookmark still tucked into the scripture I had chosen for that day, John 1:12. 
I think about my dad every day - and sometimes wonder if (and hope that) I thought about him that often before he was gone. 
The days are creeping by, and I'm also inching closer to a trip that will give me the opportunity to stop by his grave. I broached the subject with the kids last night, and my girl definitely wants to go and to leave flowers. It'll be a tough visit - the first time back, and also near his birthday - but I think it will be good to do it together.