Saturday, January 19, 2013

8 weeks and counting!

My BRF (best running friend) has convinced me to run a 10k.  It's 8 weeks from today. 

She surprised me, back in December, by helping me run 2 miles non-stop.  I thought I was months and months away from that.  I'd been running intervals on my own and had been struggling - pushing myself too hard - and wearing myself out very quickly.  I was lucky if my workout total was two miles.  Earlier this month, I was convinced that the 10k was within my reach. 

Today, we ran 4.14 miles after a roughly 1 mile walk to warm up.  And honestly, today wasn't a great run.  It was at a time of day I don't normally run, I didn't fuel properly, the air was drier than it's been in several days - blah, bah, blah.  For a host of reasons, it wasn't a great run.  But we got out there, and we did it!  And for me, that feeling of accomplishment - that I got out there, whether it was a great run or not - is the reason I keep going. 

Training for the 10k - the official, we're-using-runner-terms-to-describe-our-workouts kind of training - starts on Monday.  I'm so excited, even though I'm still aching from running today (I told you, it wasn't my best).  I think that's when you know you have found something you love! 

10k, here I come!

Monday, January 7, 2013

One for One

one for one

I know, not a lot of news here lately.  I keep thinking I'll post some pictures from our November photo shoot (where mom takes pics of the kids for our Christmas card), or from Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  I just never seem to get "around to it" any more.  Perhaps I should post more from my phone, now that there's an app for that.  However, this post was too important to ignore.

My friend over at Small Town Joy is working very hard to raise money to adopt a sweet girl who has been with their family since she was only days old.  If you can help, she's holding a One for One fundraiser.  She's asking you to donate $1.  More if you can, of course, but just $1.  And then pray.  And then spread the word.  And there's a little something else special going on, too.  But you've got to hop on over to Small Town Joy to learn more.

Thanks, friends!