Friday, September 14, 2007


I know you get baby advice from everyone, so here's a tidbit from me: see as many movies (in the theater) as you can before baby arrives. We aren't really big movie-goers, but we have only been twice since my son was born (he's nearly 4). You can take a baby a lot of places - but a movie theater really isn't one of them. So, now that you have an idea for something to do on Friday night, are there any movies in the theater worth seeing?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Normal, I'm learning, is a constantly evolving state when you have two children.

It's taken me about a year to really find what works for us as a family of four - and I bet that will change again soon. My daughter's morning nap was finally on a schedule - and both kids were napping at the same time in the afternoon. Awesome, right? Envious? If it was you, I would be! And now? Well, some days it still works, and some days it doesn't, no matter what I do. Add preschool into the mix and it's anybody's guess.

A trip to the park to burn off some energy? My daughter falls asleep before we get home. My son, well, he seems to have even more energy than before. How do you balance an energy-filled 3.5-year-old's need for activity (usually noisy activity) with a 14-month-old's need to sleep? Did I mention she wakes up at the slightest sound? I hope - today - that he will actually nap after TJ Bearytales reads him a story. It's our "bargain" to keep him in bed, at least for a little while. And I hope, today, that he will remember that "in bed" means his entire body, not everything but my feet which I don't know how to keep still.

Update: It's been 2 hours (amazing!) and no noise (so far!) from upstairs. I'm glad my work is almost done - I'm sure I just jinxed myself, and the children will be hanging from the gate at the tops of the stairs, calling my name, ready for snacks any minute now! But, maybe just for today, there were a few peaceful moments in my home (did I mention they were almost RUINED when the FedEx delivery person rang the doorbell?!?).

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why Blog? And Why Blog About This?

Well, I'd never really considered blogging until some friends suggested it just a few days ago - after witnessing the event that inspired my first entry. And, since I'm first and foremost a mom, that's where I can get the most "stuff" to write about. And the name of my blog? Well, my first choice was "Mama's Magic" - but it was already taken. And that came from the title of the book my Mom and I plan to write one day - all about the wit, wisdom, and helpful stuff we have learned from being mamas. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


To me, it's all about practicality - at least most days. Want to take 2 kids to the mall? Your stroller should probably be a two-seater, then. And if your 3-year old - who is prone to wandering - wants to walk, well, be sure you have a harness in your diaper bag. I know - it looks like a leash. Some people are opposed to the idea - maybe even some of you reading this right now. Well, if you don't want your dog to wander away, don't you use a leash? (OK - some of you use an invisible electric fence - more about that later....) Isn't your child more precious than your dog? I know my 3-year-old tries his best to "hold on to the stroller" - but invariably he lets go within about 5 steps. The harness solves the problem - until he runs with all his might and I'm left simply trying to maintain my balance....