Sunday, September 2, 2007


To me, it's all about practicality - at least most days. Want to take 2 kids to the mall? Your stroller should probably be a two-seater, then. And if your 3-year old - who is prone to wandering - wants to walk, well, be sure you have a harness in your diaper bag. I know - it looks like a leash. Some people are opposed to the idea - maybe even some of you reading this right now. Well, if you don't want your dog to wander away, don't you use a leash? (OK - some of you use an invisible electric fence - more about that later....) Isn't your child more precious than your dog? I know my 3-year-old tries his best to "hold on to the stroller" - but invariably he lets go within about 5 steps. The harness solves the problem - until he runs with all his might and I'm left simply trying to maintain my balance....

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