Monday, November 15, 2010

Technical Socks and NEW Shoes!

Last week, I realized it was time for new running shoes.  In fact, I'm close enough to my 5K that it was "now or never" time - to ensure enough time to break in the new kicks.  I can't tell you how exciting it was to realize that I'd worn out a pair of shoes by running!  So, this new pair should get me about 500 miles - which turnsout to be less than a year if I keep up this pace.  Want to see what I got?

It's the Pro-Grid Omni by Saucony.  I also added a pair of SuperFeet inserts - the green ones - and I can already feel some improvement over my previous pair of inserts.  I have to add, though, that there is definitely going to be an adjustment period for the new shoes.  Mondays are my longest run of the week, and I'm not sure I'll be wearing the new running shoes tonight.  (Plus, it might be raining - a really good reason to wear the old, dirty shoes!)

I also picked up a pair of technical socks for running.  I chose Feetures! Original No-Show with Tab.  I love that they wick moisture (just like my other technical apparel) and that they are very soft and seamless, but I'll have to get used to them being a little more 'slippery' in my shoe (which may work out somewhat over time, but is definitely expected with synthetic fibers).

I'm running my first "real" 5K this Saturday (by "real" I mean one that had an entry fee)!  It's not my target race, but I'm running this one as a practice for the target race next month.  Saturday's will be timed, and I don't think I'll be running with anyone that I know, so it should be interesting.  I may try to find/charge/load songs to my iPod shuffle if I can find some time this week.  It'll make the time go by more quickly, for sure!

Just as an FYI to my readers, I'm not compensated by any of the companies mentioned above.  I'm just sharing my personal experience with the items that I have purchased and used in pursuit of my own fitness goals.  

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