Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not quite so ho-hum lunch

We have fallen into a lunch rut around here. It's fine, as the kids are happy, eating most of what's packed, and not complaining. Today, though, M asked for popcorn. And we have blueberries. So I decided it was a great day to try a new "sandwich" too. Wraps aren't usually successful, but M has already tasted hers (she wants to eat everything in sight this morning) and declared, "Mmm!". I will consider that a success, even if she pulls it apart and brings home bits after school today.

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Rachel H said...

We had corn on the cob last week and put it on the grill. Some of the kernels got just a tad brown to give it that delicious fresh-off-the grill taste. YUM! Summer is here! :)