Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remember that time...?

... that Mister J got treated for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever? 

You know, because his symptoms were pretty much a perfect match for RMSF.  And although it could be just your run-of-the-mill nasty virus, there's still that chance that it's RMSF.  Which you should treat no later than the fifth day of symptoms.  And since the second trip to the ped this week for the crazy fever, combined with nausea, chills, and some "who is that?!?" crankiness happened to be on the fourth day of the fever, the ped called in the prescription.

Better to err on the side of caution - but as a friend of mine put it, I just might win the 'strange illnesses my child has had' contest in the after-school pick-up line.  This from the friend whose daughter has a fever so high that the thermometer simply said, "HIGH."  (She's thankfully doing ok with some good meds for a big ol' ear infection.)  And I'd likely have to compete with a school mom friend whose son's spider bite just might be MRSA instead. They each had a visit to the emergency room.  We just rated a "can-you-be-here-in-45?" appointment with the pediatrician.  This is a contest I'd be glad to lose.

(PS - With a dose of acetominophen, this afternoon's fever, headache, and crankiness subsided.  However, the fever spikes at night, even with ibuprofen.  Hoping we see and end to this very soon.)


Heather said...

Holy cow?! That is crazy. We had hand, foot mouth disease, but that isn't nearly as weird as this. Hope all is well there.

Jess said...