Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Streak

(More appropriately titled, "Why Children Should Nap Fully Clothed")

OK - it's been awhile.... It's the holiday season (it stretches from Halloween through the New Year...) and I've been distracted with vacation and birthday plans as well. My oldest just turned 4 - what a milestone! He's looking forward to getting a twin bed soon (after "the holidays") and our ever-more-monkey-like, almost 18-month-old daughter will soon transition to the toddler bed. Early, I know, but her death-defying antics lead me to believe this is the lesser of two evils (more on that in another blog). However, it is this tall, slim, adorable ball of fire that inspires me today....

I have always thought that there should be some sort of small transition at naptime so it feels like a shorter version of bedtime (which, in fact, it is). So, rather than reading and singing, I usually get my kids down to shirt and underwear/diaper, tuck them in, turn on their bedtime music, and leave the room. They almost always stay in bed. They almost always go to sleep. They almost always awake in the same manner of dress that I left them. Except for "the Streak."

My darling daughter has now, twice, been diaper-free upon waking from her nap. And I don't mean diaper-free in the "hey-look-I'm-potty-trained" way. I mean diaper-free in the "hey-look-isn't-this-neat-I-learned-about-Velcro-today" way. I won't go into the details from there, but suffice it to say that I've had to wash bedclothes.

Admittedly, it's quite amusing (otherwise I wouldn't have posted this). And, yes, there's an easy solution - put her in one-piece tops instead of shirts - but onesies aren't always the cutest thing out there for your nearly-18-month-old, my-new-haircut-makes-me-look-
rather-like-Posh-Spice, monkey-like, daredevil daughter. And yes, she already flashes her belly button to anyone who's interested. Perhaps a unionsuit is the best option for the girl - and the parents. But still, not so attractive. I'll find a solution - I will! - and I'll tell you when I do.

One point of honor in all of this - I gave her the haircut!

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