Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stuffy noses, goopy eyes, ear infections - whine, whine, whine!

Yep - you guessed it, illness has taken over our household. In a BIG way. I was sick for 10 days upon our return from Disney World. A week into that, Daddy got sick. I felt better for about 3 days when my second wave began, and my daughter joined in the fun. So, I took myself to the doctor and my daughter to her pediatrician. The three of us are now on prescription medication. Lest you think my son got out of this unscathed, he's been on over-the-counter medicine, and also threw up in the car on Friday night (thankfully, that was the only episode). My daughter was back at the pediatrician's office on Saturday morning because she was worse, not better. I think that things are finally turning around- and hopefully we'll all feel better in just a few more days. I'm dreaming of it now ....
"Merry Christmas to All, there's not a tissue in sight!"

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