Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How many teacups?

The world of my son, it seems, revolves around numbers. If I'm working in the office and he wants some one-on-one he will ask, "What number of minutes until we can have some mommy and me time?" If I'm putting him down for some nap/quiet time, he asks, "What number is it when I can get up?" That's his way of asking "What time...?" - that is, what number he needs to look for on the clock beside his bed (so he can get up without being asked to return to bed....). And, of course, the age-related numbers - like asking, "What number are you?" for "How old are you?" He has some interesting thoughts on growing older, such as, "When I get 13 years old, I can drink coffee." And, the most interesting number theories of late have to do with the dispensing of medicine. As I mentioned earlier, the kids have ear infections. My son comes up with a different dosing suggestion each time he has to take his medicine. The best one, so far, is, "The doctor told me I have to take 14 teacups." Really now, let's knock out that infection so it NEVER comes back! I am certainly glad I don't have to force down their single-teaspoon-or-less doses. They have not always been easy to medicate - and that's not so far in the past I don't remember. But 14 teacups? What a hoot!

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