Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Illness is not fun. If you don't believe me, just come to my house. Well, not today, everyone is on the mend. Come to my house two days ago. My son had a fever and told me his body was hurting. Look at the alligator below - he's FOUR. That's not something you expect to hear from a 4 year old. My daughter was just generally cranky, with congestion and a runny nose (that was no longer running clear....). Her history goes like this - get a runny nose, get congested, drainage changes color, get ear infection. Every time. No exceptions. Husband and I have been swapping off childcare duty for four days now. I'm so grateful he can do some of his work from home! (Did I mention that all the while, his car has been in for a major repair, so we have managed to swing the childcare, working from home, and one of the busiest weeks of my year while sharing a mommy-van?!? Yep, we rock! I know he's working from home, but we still have to go places!)

So, yesterday, I call the ped for an afternoon appointment. For two kids. I just hoped that the nurse would come up with a time that was after nap, since my kiddos really needed the rest. 4pm - jackpot! Of course, when we get there, the kids are happy and well-behaved. Typical.... Until after my son's strep test. He did well with that one - but when he figured out the flu test involved his nose, well, let's just say he wasn't as agreeable as I'd have liked.... I hate having to wrestle my kids onto the exam table and hold them down. It's just not cool. And he's 40 pounds now - a good workout, I suppose.... He "passed" both tests - he only has an ear infection and perhaps a random virus that caused the other symptoms. As for my daughter - well, I already told you what to expect, and I was right.

They have been on antibiotics for 24+ hours now, are feeling better, are fever-free, and are going back to preschool tomorrow! And, my husband's car is back from the repair shop, so I have the mommy-van all to myself again. All is right in my world again (ha!).


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the flat on the Mommy van dear....

RLR said...

Oh - that was 3 whole days later - I haven't gotten that far in my blogging ;)