Friday, August 22, 2008


Not talking about the weather, but about my lack of posting. Unfortunately, I haven't really felt very inspired lately. It's not that we haven't done anything blog-worthy - we have had visits with the grands, we have been geocaching a couple of times, and Jonah even ate steak without complaining one night! (I know - pinch me!) However, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with lots of "stuff" to do right now - about 3 more busy weeks to go - and my enthusiasm is waning. Not to worry - I expect I'll be back soon. There are dental visits (ugh!), the first day of a new preschool year (bittersweet!), and surely lots more fun things to blog about. There will be more photos, too - I have 4gb of them to clear off of my memory sticks, so I certainly have plenty to share. For now, though, I am taking one thing off of my "to do" list, and getting through the next few weeks before I pick this one back up.

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Georgia said...

Hey Ryan Leigh- I feel you. We have been so busy that occassionally thoughts run through my mind of things I should blog about, but I am just too tired to do it. Oh well. Ellie starts preschool on Tuesday and I think I will get back into a routine after that! Hope you guys are doing well!