Sunday, August 10, 2008

All I want for Christmas is a GPS

Mister J and I tried something new today - geocaching! It's a modern-day treasure hunt game played - literally - all over the world. We joined some church friends for our first attempt, and had lots of fun. The best part about it - almost anyone can do it! Since we don't have a GPS unit, we can't do it on our own yet, but I guess you can figure out what we (well, I...) want for the next gifting occasion. I'm always looking for fun things to do outside since I'm not a naturally outdoorsy girl, and this fits the bill. I really think it'll be a great family activity for us, especially since Mister J is so interested in maps, and can't wait to introduce Big J to geocaching. Miss M isn't quite old enough to understand it yet, but that'll come soon enough. So, one brief expedition and two geocaches later, I think I'm already hooked. Now I just need a GPS.... Special thanks to the G family for letting us join them in the hunt this afternoon!


Dad said...

I tried this one, too. We walked all around the hidden cache (multiple times). Never did find the darned thing. Thought about trying it again with a different GPS but it's been removed.
You and little "MR J" should have a ball with this. "Miss M" might be a teenie bit young though.

RLR said...

It's definitely a little advanced for Miss M, but hopefully when she is old enough she'll enjoy it. I'm already looking up caches (for total curiosity at this point) around the grandparents' houses. If we ever get a handheld unit, we can go exploring across two states!