Sunday, July 27, 2008


I have a cute little story to share from church this morning. It seems there were a few doughnuts left over from this morning's fellowship hour at church, and someone was kind enough to send them up to the nursery, presumably for the staff, but perhaps for snacktime, too. My little man and his baby sister were in the nursery during the 11:00 service, so they were each set to benefit in a tasty way from someone's generosity. As the snack was being served, Mister J told the nursery workers that Miss M could NOT have a doughnut because "she can't have nuts, she has a allergy." Cute, eh? Doughnuts. DoughNUTS. Must have nuts in it, right? He was so insistent, in fact, that Miss M did not get one - she had goldfish while everyone else ate a doughnut (poor thing!). The nursery staff recounted the morning's events when we picked the kids up, just to be sure they weren't about to cause Miss M to have an allergic reaction over a doughnut. Apparently, Mister J was very insistent!

While quite humorous, of course, I am also charmed, once again, by my sweet boy watching out for his little sister. For all the times I wonder if he's really listening to me, let this be a reminder that as long as he's remembering the truly important things, perhaps I can take it a little easier the rest of the time.


Jamie said...

Hee hee, that's funny -- and it was awfully sweet of your little guy to look out for his sister. :)

I made something new for lunch just the other day. The recipe called for coconut milk, and as soon as my son heard the word "coconut," he looked at me suspiciously and asked, "You mean there are nuts in this?" (Nuts in his food are a no-no, but only because he is picky.)

Bless them, they take things so literally sometimes.

Heather said...

That's so CUTE! Way to do Little J.

Annelies said...

That was a VERY sweet story! It is so heartwarming when the big sibling really looks out for the little one. My son (5) will be the first to pick on his little sister, but the very first to come to her defense if he ever feels she is in danger. Makes us feel like we did something right, doesn't it? Thanks for the nice story!

Jane Anne said...

So sweet that he is looking out for her! This is my son's favorite joke: "What kind of nuts can I have? DoughNUTS!!!"