Friday, July 25, 2008

Totally bloggable, but....

I don't think my Mom-nesia will ever end. I came up with a great tip I wanted to share today (I was even thinking of submitting it to if it wasn't already out there), and before I could get online, I forgot what I wanted to post. Granted, it's been at least six hours since the idea popped into my head. Dinner has been served and cleaned up, children have run amok and been brought back under control, children were later put to bed, ice cream was made and eaten, work was finished (thank goodness for work-from-home, flex hours), emails were read, and more. No wonder I forgot!

I shouldn't really be surprised by forgetting. It happens a lot. I know I haven't surprised any of you. I like to think I can be Martha in the kitchen and the craft room, and I am pretty good with a hammer and a drill, but remembering the day-to-day stuff just isn't working for me right now. There are many times I've thought of something bloggable while driving between points A and B, or I've been trying to go to sleep at night and a post pops into my head fully-formed. Problem is, I can never remember it long enough to actually get it on the blog.

Before I was a mom, I would wear Post-Its around to help me remember things (this was when I worked in an office, and the strange looks I'd get from others would remind me that I was wearing a Post-It). Alternatively, I'd write notes on the back of my hand. Can't have the kids pick up that habit - there are only so many times you can say "Mommy had an accident with a pen" before the kiddos figure you out....

I never imagined I could blog about my lack of topic. If I should happen to remember what I was originally hoping to post, I'll make myself a note - if I can find a Post-It.
(Haha - get it? If I can find a Post-It, then I'll be able to post it - definitely tired mommy humor....)


Heather said...

Ah mom-nesia...I've been there many a time in the last six months. Guess I'll have to try this post it idea! By the way love the pic at the top...glad it worked.


RLR said...

Thanks, H! It took me SEVERAL tries with the pic - it cut us in half, it shrunk us to thumbnail size, and more - but hooray, it's finally up there! Thanks for the tip! Hope Flow-rida has treated you well this trip!

nho said...

I think that I'm into that "phase" of forgetfulness also but to be honest, I can't remember if I remember or forget more.

Must be that my "fergetter" works best.

Loved the story though...hope ya unforget that which it is that you want to know.