Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Words

Ok, so we haven't exactly taken away the paci yet. Miss M has passed her 2nd birthday, I know the dentist will be unhappy with me when we go again in August, but I just can't do it yet. We have cut it back to naptime and bedtime, and I'll eventually cross that next milestone. In the meantime, Miss M has gone from asking for her "paci" to sometimes calling it her "paci-fower" - which, in Maggie-speak, means "paci-flower." Cute, eh?

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aline said...

really cute. I had a big issue with the paci (we used to call it tetin) with my daughter, at 2 she still had it and used it ALL the time. I thought it was going to be horrendous to get rid of it but one day, I cut the tip off and told her her paci had a boo boo. she slowly lost interest and she didn't enjoy using it as much. so we made a big ceremony of throwing it in the trash then into the big trash outside, even waiting for the trashman to come by and take it away. that was the end of it! Some may think it's a little harsh but we tried everything else, and finally had to resort to desperate measures!!