Friday, December 12, 2008

Overheard ... #8

... as we were getting out of the mommy-van to meet Big J for lunch today.

Mister J: "Hey, Mom, I see some porcupines!"

Me: "Really? Porcupines? Where?"

You must realize that we were not having a picnic in the woods - we were having Mexican food, in a restaurant, in a fairly busy area of town. Not much room for trees there, much less wildlife....

Mister J: (pointing across parking lot) "Over there...."

I turned to look, and truly could not stifle my laugh. He was pointing to a cactus bed. Tee hee! I felt totally awful about laughing - and was a little worried I'd hurt his feelings - so I quickly explained to Mister J how he'd kind of made a joke. We talked about how cacti could stick you just like a porcupine if you touched them, I gave him a new big word (well, phrase...) - defense mechanism - and explained that the spines were for protection. He seemed perfectly content - no harm done - and he got a few new big words to throw around.

Did I mention that this was after I explained lightbulbs and filaments (and gave a very basic CFL rundown) on the way to lunch? I think I need to go back to school just to keep up!

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