Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Honest Scrap - My First Blog Award!

You'd think since this is my first blog award that I would have gotten around to posting it a bit sooner (I got it a week ago!). The first few days of school, combined with repurposing a room in our home, getting ready for company, and doing most of my regular 'stuff', too, has completely wiped me out! I have plenty left to do this evening, but I'm taking a break to finally post about the honor bestowed upon me by Lucy and Ethel - I'm to post 10 'honest' things about myself. Here goes!

1) I love roller coasters, but will not ride any freefall-type ride. I even like the super-fast, twisty, loop-the-loop rides, and I'll do it with my hands in the air, but I will not ride a freefall ride ever again. They scare the daylights out of me....

2) I like to read, but nearly every time I get into a book I either a) ignore things I really should be doing or b) stay up waaaay too late at night reading "just to the end of this chapter." I ambivalently await the next book in the Twilight series comes out (is that a word?).

3) Before I had children, I wore a size 9 shoe. After the first pregnancy, a size 9 1/2. After the second, a 9 3/4 would be perfect. Instead, I usually just wear a 10. A TEN. That's huge!

4) Unloading the dishwasher is my least favorite chore, yet the one that must be done - sometimes more than once. It was my daily chore when I was a kid, and since my sister is significantly younger there was no sharing of chores. I despised unloading the dishwasher. I still don't like it, but now that I'm all grown up, I understand why my mom asked me to do it every day. It's such a treat to find all of the dishes unloaded and put away!

5) I used to think the perfect job would be one where I could wear jeans and a t-shirt to work every day. Now that I can, I really don't like wearing jeans and a t-shirt - but I do it anyway. It's so easy, and I like my sleep more than I like shopping for 'cute' clothes. I am allergic to the mall.

6) I can't hold a pen/pencil in my mouth without gagging. I know, you've waited your entire life to know that about me. But, the point I really wanted to make is that if you loan me a pen, I promise I won't chew on it and then give it back. And I will give it back.

7) Since attending Financial Peace University last year, I have not only become more conscious of how/why I spend money but also more conscious of how many 'duplicate' things we have in our home. Of how many things can be repurposed (and thereby avoid purchasing more 'stuff' to fill our house). Of how easy it can be to impulse buy. I'm proud to say that we are (gradually) getting rid of the 'stuff' that clutters our home and our lives. It's so freeing!

8) I'm not a great housekeeper, mostly due to clutter. I want to get our home to the point that I can invite friends over on the spur of the moment, even if the house isn't 'perfect.' I realized the importance of this when my son started asking to have people over for playdates - and I didn't feel like I could say yes. (Hopefully the ripple effect of FPU will keep up the changes around here.)

9) If my husband didn't help me keep up with technology, I am sure I wouldn't have a cell phone or know how to sent text messages and tweets. I might not even have a computer at home, a blog, or know much about Facebook. In that case, I might also be caught up on my scrapbooking!(Actually it my mom-ing gig that's slowed me down there....)

10) If I could do anything (you know, if time, money, family, and other commitments weren't an issue), I would go to medical school. It wasn't anywhere on the career radar when I was in college, and I do love what I used to do, but I'm a professional student at heart, fascinated by the human body and how it works (except for eyes - ick. Sorry, Dr. G!).

Now, the best part of getting this award is not getting all of this honest scrap off of my chest - it's that I get to pass the award along to a few other bloggers! I'll pass it along in the same 'no-strings' fashion that Lucy and Ethel passed it on to me. Friends, I would enjoy reading if you choose to participate!

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Thanks to all of you for reading, and I'll see you back here tomorrow for Thursday Thanks Tank! Oh, and stop by those blogs I mentioned - you will love them, too!


Heather said...

Woo hoo! Loved your honest post. Hmm I'll have to think of a few honest things to post too.

Jane Anne said...

How fun! I enjoyed reading your honest post. How nice for you to think to tag me. Honestly, I am really bad with these things. I'll let you know if I get to it. For now, just know that it made me smile that you tagged me.