Friday, April 8, 2011

Dinosaur upon request

Sorry you have to turn your head to see the dino!

On the left, M's lunch:
Salt-and-lime popcorn - we love the little bags, which we can share between two lunches with a little left over for Mom - or for second breakfast for the not-so-littles
Dino sandwich - one piece of bread + dino sandwich cutter = two nearly matching sandwich halves, onto which I put soy butter and grape jelly, as requested.
Strawberries - to add a bit of variety since I purchased 4 pounds of grapes earlier in the week
Cucumber slices - the 'veggie of the week' plus a few grapes.

I just realized that I packed forks, but forgot to pack napkins.  Oops!

One the right, J's lunch:
Turkey and cheese on a everything bagel (his current favorite) - cut in half because I believe a sandwich is better that way
Salt-and-lime popcorn - he got a bigger portion because he's pretty well eating everything in sight right now

Cucumbers with Italian dressing for dipping
A few grapes on top of the fork, because there was room (you know, since I forgot the napkin)
Cashew granola bar for snack time in the afternoon

Each kiddo also got a Thermos filled with water (I love that they choose water!).  Stay tuned for the makeover of Miss M's Thermos, coming soon!

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...and the Mom of the year award goes to....... RLR!