Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running in the Rain

A tweet from this morning:

Resisted the lure of drive-thru coffee this morning. In favor of going running. This is big.

I dropped the kids of at school, actually drove past the place where I was going to buy an iced vanilla coffee, and kept going.  I went home, changed into my running clothes, grabbed my iPod and my Garmin, and walked out the front door.  It was sprinkling, but there wasn't that stuffy kind of humidity - the temperature is finally dropping around here.  I did a short walk to warm up, and off I went. 

I ran intervals for 2 miles, keeping up my pace until I got a little warm (I wore a long-sleeved short thinking I might get cold in the rain - should've stuck with layers with a short sleeve underneath).  I used a shorter rest interval than the 5K training program is using right now.  I'm a volunteer coach/mentor, so I sort of feel like I need to be a step ahead!  My pace wasn't great today, but even my best pace isn't as fast as the other volunteer coaches.  That means I'll be working with the slowest pace group - fine by me!  My pace suffered over the summer when it was too hot to run : /  Hopefully, I'll be back to my personal best pace soon.  

Things I loved about my run today:
It was so peaceful to run in the rain - perhaps because most other folks decided against going out in the rain!  I've run in the rain a few times - and today was not the hardest rain I've been out in - and I love it. 
I ran past a house in the neighborhhod adjoining ours.  I said hello to the gentleman out front, and he actually said hello back and asked how I was doing!  I said good and asked how he was doing - he was also fine, thanked me for asking, and then said I was "hard core out running in the rain."  Total ego boost!  As I was running by his house at the time, that was about the end of the conversation - but dude was also pretty hard core himself - washing his car in the rain!  Ha!
I rocked at crunches in my post-run core work.

Things I didn't love about my run today:
Dressed too warmly.
Couldn't stick to intervals near the end.
I did not rock at plank and push-ups in my post-run core work.

Always room for improvement - small goals!  But hey - I'm (back) out there, and it feels great!

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Hartley said...

Missing your more frequent posts. The last two were almost a month apart.