Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Y'all.  I have fallen in love with Pinterest

Oh, my, the recipes I want to try!  From breakfast to lunch box ideas to dinner and all sorts of other yummies.  Oh, my, the crafts I want to make!  Some to give away for Christmas gifts.  Party ideas, quotes I like, ways to reuse things, books to read, my camping wish list.... 

Today I cleaned my kitchen - a real good, scrub the stove cleaning.  And, sorry, but it already doesn't look like that any more.  You see, when I have a nice, clean kitchen - and especially a shiny stove - I get the urge to cook.  And cook.  And....  You get the idea.  And thanks to Pinterest, I tried two new recipes tonight.  (I love trying new recipes!)

Here's what was on my list this evening:
Chicken Nuggets - these were supposed to be like eating the Christian Chicken at home.  Not quite, but the kids still enjoyed them.  Mister J at at least a dozen! 
Comeback Sauce - this is some tasty stuff!  I had to sub sriracha for the chili sauce, so only used 1/2 of the amount called for.  And onion flakes instead of powder.  I figure once it's had time for all of the flavors to marry, it won't really matter so much.  After just an hour, it tasted so good!  I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my house who will eat this, so I'm glad it works on everything!
Pepperoni Roll Ups - these are for tomorrow's lunch boxes.  J can reheat because there's a microwave in the cafeteria in his building.  M will just have to eat hers at room temp. 

All of those recipes were found on Pinterest!  I also made ranch dressing a sweet tea, but those are recipes we use so much that I know them by heart.  (Can one actually have a 'recipe' for sweet tea?  I just make it without really thinking about it!)

So, what's next?  I'm going to try new recipes, of course, but I'm also excited about making some plans for Christmas gifting.  Since Thanksgiving comes next, though, and it's my favorite holiday, I might hold off a bit on the crafting (if possible).  And then there's a special kid's birthday coming up, too.  I'll be searching Pinterest for ideas, once he decides what he wants to do!

If y'all aren't on Pinterest yet, I'm happy to send you an invite.  Just let me know you want one - and make sure I have your email address!  If you are already on Pinterest, come and find me!  That link above goes directly to my boards.  Happy Pinning!

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oh! can I please have a pinterest invite? my e-mail is marieheff3 at yahoo dot come . thanks! <3