Monday, November 21, 2011

Random Ramblings

Only my mind works this way....
- I can figure out a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune with only 4 letters in place
- I can answer the Final Jeopardy! question about a sci-fi movie when I'm not even a sci-fi fan (unlike the other 75% of our household)
- And then this....  While starting a load of jeans, I decide to wash the pair I'm wearing.  So I take them off in front of the washer (this part is important).  When moving the load to the dryer, I realize that my jeans are not in the load.  What?!?  That's right, I took them off standing in the laundry room yet did not put them in the washer.  Yep, that's me - the easily-distracted one. 

"I Can't Believe She Said That" moment of the day - #1
While playing a video game with her brother - one in which the car you control shoots exhaust/fire at other cars: "Taste my hotness!" 
I suppose it's the fire version of 'eat my dust'?

"I Can't Believe She Said That" moment of the day #2
To her brother - "You know, you really make me mad a lot!" 
So glad she's expressing herself, but it still makes me giggle because I know that she loves him a lot!

M has always been a little dramatic, but lately the drama/attitude has been increasing.  Although it's challenging, I sometimes find it hard to keep a straight face.  She's only five, but sometimes she sounds soo much older!

Made Me Smile Moment:
After J went to bed, I sat down to finalize some of the plans for his birthday and send out a few email invites.  When I realized - due to some scheduling details - that our plans would have to be adjusted a bit, I was worried about J being disappointed.  I scooted back upstairs to do a quick check-in with him before he fell asleep (really needed to get emails out tonight!).  I explained that part of the plan might have to change, and suggested an alternative.  The darkness of his room could not hide his excitement.  Even better - the thank-you that I got when I told J that I have an email address for someone new to his class this year.  He was so worried he would not be able to invite his new friend (since we aren't supposed to hand out invites at school).  For as often as I have to be the homework/rule/schedule enforcer, it sure was nice to spend a few moments talking about something really exciting!

I'm in an exercise slump lately.  Even though I'm volunteer coaching with the same program I used to train with, I'm just not loving running right now.  I enjoy bike riding, but seriously need to get some appropriate gear (read: shorts with the appropriate cushioning for trail riding...) before I do much more of that.  I'm also hoping to purchase a new-to-us bike trailer for M, who is a reluctant rider.  I hear they can be challenging to tow, but it's either that or no family rides until she's more confident.  With days like today (high near 70!), I don't want to waste the opportunity to get outside and get moving.  We won't have many more days like this for a while!

I love Thanksgiving.  I don't like that so many stores and homes have their Christmas decorations up already.  It seems we practically ignore this holiday.  I know - it's just not a retail-heavy holiday, so stores are looking ahead to the next money-maker.   Perhaps I'm also a little sensitive since there's a December birthday in this family, so I want to give that celebration the attention it deserves, too (though J did ask last year why we were so late decorating for Christmas). 

If you're still reading - wow.  And thanks!  And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Heather said...

"taste my hotness"...Really?! That is hilarious. Ohh and I'm boycotting Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Even Patrick has started singing Christmas songs and I glare at him.