Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A little dose of my crazy..

I saw a mom at camp drop-off today that was wearing a pair of shoes that I've been pining over (Keen Harvest MJ II - though she had the pink stripe and I want gladiola).  So I looked at them online tonight.  Kind of like picking up a few things at Target and walking around the store with them to see if I really need to take them home (I call it "temporary ownership" - sort of like test-driving a car, I guess) - and I usually put back whatever it is I've picked up.  Yes, I really do that.

Unfortunately, this strategy isn't working with the shoes.  Probably because I can't actually hold them.  Man alive, do I love Keens (And several other brands of shoes that make you think "cha-ching!" when you look at the price tag.  All of them pretty rugged and outdoorsy-looking.  Or just uber-comfy.  No heels or anything like that....)!

Back to reality - time to get the kiddos off to bed.  Early day of day camp drop offs tomorrow!

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