Thursday, June 28, 2012

My friend (is obsessed with) {is fond of} [flips for] likes owls

This post is really late in making it to the blog, but I still really want to share it.

My friend over at Small Town Joy likes owls. A lot. Her girl Sweet Potato Pie even had a owl-themed first birthday party!(To be fair, STJ left it up to her readers to decide - and WE chose owls!  After all, they can be pretty cute!)

Last year, especially one day as I was doing some marathon Christmas shopping, I noticed that I was seeing owls everywhere. Sure, they are kind of popular, but they were catching my eye from the bottom shelves of store displays (when I wasn't even looking at the display) or on things like pajamas (also, not looking at/for those). I saw them everywhere - to the point that I emailed my friend to check in and see if all was well. I felt compelled because every time I saw an owl, I was reminded of her and her sweet family.

Here are the owls - because, yes, I took pictures to share with her!  PS - I cold now kick myself for not snapping up the first two that I saw.  Scroll down to find out which ones!

Mast General Store
Do you see the owls? (These are at TJ Maxx, I think.)
Here they are, on a box of stationery that was *under* some other stuff!
Little store at the mall that I'd never been to before (because I am allergic to the mall.)
Two more from TJ Maxx
More from Mast General.
Target, so you have probably seen these. 
Mast General (they had a lot of owls!)
More Tar-jay
PJs at TJ's (I'm a poet...)
My very favorite owls at a local resale shop - actually the first ones I saw.  
These hooted at me from the bottom shelf.  They are the reason I checked in with my friend.
Pretty sure these are ALSO from Mast General.
Michael's (?)


Heather said...

Ummm hello! Owls are so IN now. ; )

Joy Kinard said...

Oh my word!!! I go to the beach and you devote an entire post to me! Law!!! I love that you think of me when you see the owls. We even took our owl devotional book to the beach with us! AND while we were there some friends from home were also down there. They called me to tell me to go to the checkout at Books-a-Million to check out the owl stuff! (Of course I did!) :)