Friday, August 24, 2012

Out of My Comfort Zone

Oh, y'all, I just have to admit it. Meeting new people makes me nervous.  If you know the job I used to have before I became a full-time mama, you will probably find this pretty darn amusing.  But it's the truth. 

I stepped a bit outside of my comfort zone on Wednesday, though.  As Miss M and I were walking back to the car from after-school pick-up, I saw another mom walking toward us.  I had seen her at Back-to-School Night, knew I recognized her, but couldn't pinpoint where - so I said nothing.  Totally easy for me to do since the classroom was crowded.

As an aside, Miss M started 1st grade at a new school this year.  Haven't addressed it here yet - and still may or may not - but I'm thinking I will share first-day-of-school pics after Mister J starts back to school next week.  An-y-way.... I'm a newbie at this new school.  So that's why I couldn't immediately place the other mom from Back-to-School Night.

Moving right along - I eventually figured out that I recognized the other mom from the dance class that Miss M took two years ago.  When I saw her again a couple of days ago, I just said hello, remarked that I recognized her from the dance class that our daughters had taken together, and that now they were in the same 1st grade class.  We chatted for just a bit - she reminded me of her daughter's name and then, this is the part that I could not believe, THANKED ME for stopping to say hello.  I don't think that has ever happened to me before. It sure helped me feel not-so-nervous - so I'll take that any day!

I just might have to introduce myself to some of the other moms and try this thing out a bit more. 

Does meeting new people make you nervous? How do you deal with being a "newbie"?


Shannon said...

Oh I hate having to go into situations where I don't know anyone and meet new people. Having recently moved, I'm trying to use the Meet Up web site and meet people through groups with similar interest. It's tough. I've gone to 2 dinners with this one group and it's hard trying to break into that group and get to know people. I got stuck sitting next to the same guy who is loud and won't shut up. I hope I can avoid him the next time so I have a chance to speak to more people. It's hard breaking into a new group of meeting new people, but I know I have to try. Good for you for making a first step!

Heather said...

SO proud of you! While I am not afraid of meeting new people, I did have a similar experience the other night. I thought about a neighbor who recently moved in (single mom, with two elementary children and a teen). I was really convinced I needed to tell her that I was here in the afternoons if the girls ever needed to come over and that I could help her teen with college apps. Turns out she was so grateful as the move and new school have been very overwhelming. Neat how these things work out!