Friday, August 17, 2012

There's more than one way to load a dishwasher

My bloggy friend over at Grass Stains posted several days ago about the proper way to load a dishwasher. She was aghast to hear that not everyone uses the spindles on the top rack to keep cups and glasses in place. So, especially for Katherine, I'm taking you on a little tour of my dishwasher. Because apparently, jangling her nerves once was not enough.

Looking down on the bottom rack. These bowls do not nest well using the spindles, and actually take up more room that way. 


Glasses not on spindles. They don't move. But Katherine, I hear you on alternating glass-plastic-glass when possible.

It's not necessary to keep the spoons in a separate compartment. Each utensil can have its own slot - see? No nesting (spooning?) going on here!

Katherine, these are just to unjangle your nerves. (But when I originally posted from my iPhone, "unjangle" autocorrected to "unhinge" so I must not be doing a very good job here.)

Other things about my dishwasher that may "unhinge" you:
  • The little spinner in the tip top of the dishwasher that's supposed to spray water more effectively?  That little 3-inch wide whirly thing?  It broke at the beginning of summer. The top rack actually rinses better now than before. 
  • The detergent door doesn't stay closed anymore. Hasn't been a problem. But eventually I will probably need a new dishwasher and I will have to start all over figuring out how to load it.
You might also like to know that, as particular as I am about how my dishwasher is loaded,  this is also my least favorite chore around the house.  And while you're pondering that little tidbit, I probably need to send Katherine some chocolate and a diet coke.


Heather said...

I think loading a dishwasher could be a skill I could put on my resume. I can almost always fit one more thing in by finding the tiniest spot. Of course my dishwasher is pretty effective at washing so overcrowding doesn't seem to effect anything. Patrick just stands to the side in awe!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

YES, Please send chocolate and Diet Coke STAT. Holy heck. Your bottom rack. Holy heck.

Joy Kinard said...

My boys load my dishwasher and I could care less how they are loaded as long as they come out clean and intact. Amen.