Friday, October 19, 2012

SUYL - Favorite Charities

I'm linking up with Show Us Your Life - Favorite Charities over at Kelly's Korner today.  I'm sure I'll think of others to add to this list later, but for now...

debra - The Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America - (and especially Jogging for Jonah - 2013 date TBA)
My dear friend's son has EB, and she not only has a fundraiser auction for his birthday every year, last year she spearheaded a 5K fundraiser that had 200+ participants (for the 1st ever J4J event!).  These events are to raise money for debra - to find a CURE for EB!

Imago Dei - This is a Bible study group that I attend, but it's not any ordinary study!  Each week we have large and small group time, but once our study, discussion, and time for prayer requests are complete, there's exercise time.  This group has retreats, goes out into the community for special events, and will not turn a woman away.  When I think of Imago Dei, I hear one of the leader's voices in my head, saying, "Just come."  They provide scholarships for women who want to participate more fully than their budgets will allow (from buying the book for study to attending a retreat).

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