Saturday, June 13, 2015

Settlers of America

On the fourth day, we finished! So much fun! Look for an update from Mr J in the coming days.

June 23, 2105 - update from Mr. J
Catan Settlers of America is a game where you settle in different places as you move west and as you build tracks to deliver goods to the opponents towns. To win, you need to deliver all your goods to the opponents' towns. You can try to stop them from getting to your town by building tracks so that they pay you when they move on your track. There are special cards called development cards that can give you the ability to move a train up to 5 tracks for free no matter how many opponents' tracks you move over. But there can also be other abilities that the cards give you. The winner for game 1 was my mom and the winner of game number 2 was me, Mister J. 

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