Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's the Great Shoe Hunt, Buster Brown

I did not harm anyone during the latest shoe-hunting excursion. I was not actually looking for Buster Browns. I was looking for shoes at a children's shoe store that you can find in most malls. Here's my story:

I met a friend (and her kids) at the mall yesterday. Among other things, we both needed to get shoes for our kids. The shoes I finally decided on were not in stock in my daughter's size. After looking, asking, trying on, and rejecting other shoes, I finally knew which non-sale price I could most easily stomach. But, the right size was not to be found in that store. I left the shoe store disappointed, but still determined. I looked at another store in the mall, but they don't carry children's shoes in wide width. I went back to the mall today to complete my shopping (which I could not finish yesterday with 2 kids in tow, lunch time over, and nap time steadily approaching). I looked at another store that had the brand of shoe I wanted, and yes, they carry wides, but they, too, were out of stock and would not be getting more in until next week. The sweet, chirpy, size 2 salesgirl politely encouraged me to check back. But I was determined to find shoes without another hunting expedition. So, I went back to store #1, where I prefer to shop, to find out when their next delivery would arrive. It arrived yesterday afternoon (I wish the salesperson had told me that when I was there yesterday morning). After reminding her which shoes and size I was looking for, she checked the stockroom, and they still did not have what I needed. She THEN then told me that she could order it for me, and there would be no shipping charge (words that were a balm to my steadily-more-frazzled self). Again, I wish she had told me that yesterday. So, I considered ordering the shoes, but since we hadn't been able to try any on, I was hesitant. I asked if we could try the same size in a different color. I was shopping for white leather shoes of a certain name brand that you can find at various department stores. I asked if we could try the same style in canvas. They didn't have white canvas in my daughter's size. They had navy and red, so I suggested trying one of those. The salesperson told me the sizes in the colors run different than the sizes in white. WHAAT?!?!? She then said that if I order what I need, I can bring it back to this store if there is a problem. OK, I finally agreed to order the shoes - and to end the shoe hunting expedition. The salesperson called a store in the next city and let me talk to THE NICEST GUY I think I have ever spoken with on the phone. The shoes are on the way (I still have to make another trip to the mall, I think, or are they coming to my house? By now I am so confused I'm not sure). My card has been charged, but I have nothing to prove that they are mine when/if they ever arrive. It's been an odd/annoying/time-consuming experience so far. I hope I am pleased in the end. By the way - I hope your little one doesn't have wide feet. Or extra wide. For those of you expecting children, if you are going to pray for something, pray for a happy, healthy baby with REGULAR WIDTH FEET.

(End of rant. Looking back, it was much worse in the moment than it seems here.)

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