Friday, October 12, 2007

Mommy Pride

As moms, I think that each of us takes pride in some aspect of our parenting. I tend to take pride in being able to get places on time (and often early) with two young children. I also take pride in my ability to not lose things - at least not permanently. I might lose track of a small toy, book, or other non-mandatory item, but usually I find it with a more in-depth search of car or diaper bag. We rarely leave things behind in stores or at friends' homes. We NEVER lose things permanently. Granted, it's usually because one of my kids cries about the dropped item until I understand what's going on and find the "missing" thing. But still, we don't lose things. UNTIL TODAY. My daughter lost a pacifier at the mall today. And not a green one (which we have 4 of), but a girly pink one (of which we now have only 2). Of course she lost one which would coordinate with 75% of her girly pink clothes. Yes, I'm obsessive and sometimes care about that stuff. Anyway, WE LOST SOMETHING. I don't lose things. So, while I'm not totally torn apart (after all, it is just a pacifier), I'm still having trouble with the fact that I don't have a perfect score anymore.

I have come up with a bright side to the situation. My daughter did not cry when she dropped it. Maybe she thought she was putting it in the tray on the front of her stroller, and didn't realize it fell, but still she didn't cry for it when she realized it wasn't there anymore. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of the days when she will need it (oh no, she's growing up - back to the positive spin....). Perhaps later I'll find it in the diaper bag and remember, "Oh yeah, I traded the paci for the sippy cup when we were in (store name here) and she was getting fussy," (though I can't imagine why I didn't put it in the parent tray of the stroller). If I ever do find it, then I'll have to confess to you that I have a never-ending case of Mommy Brain. When it comes to short-term memory, well, I'm not overflowing with pride in that department. But at least now, I only have 7 pacis to keep track of!

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