Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bye-bye crib...

We zoomed past yet another milestone this weekend.
On Friday afternoon, we moved a twin bed into J's room, and moved his toddler bed into M's room. He loves the big bed with its bright new bedding - but wondered why his walls were not yet painted the "dark yellow" he had requested. (One step at a time, son - we have the whole summer ahead of us!)
M spent just one more night in the crib, and has been in the toddler bed for naps and at night since Saturday. She hasn't even tested us that much with sneaking out of bed - knock wood.
I guess this weekend I'll be sending the crib up to the attic until/in case we need it again.

UPDATE 5/21/08, 2:30PM: I put M down for her nap this afternoon, then J and I went outside to watch a cement mixer delivering to the house across the street. Afterwards, we watered our newly-transplanted daylilies (thanks Grandma and Grandpa R!). We kicked the soccer ball around a few times - J can't resist this when we go outside, and he's getting pretty good! Finally, inside and quietly upstairs to put J down for a nap/quiet time. We tiptoed into his room and found Miss M asleep on the floor in front of his book case. Apparently, she got out of bed and went looking for him when she was supposed to be napping! My two are quite a pair - they love each other so much, and I couldn't be more blessed!

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