Thursday, May 29, 2008

I wiped off my elbows, so I'm good now.

I met my youngest reader over the weekend! During my trip to SC, I was able to visit with my good friend H, her husband P, and their new little bundle, Miss A. P was generous enough to allow us big girls a lunch date, and then we picked Miss A up for a little shopping trip. I got to practice my tried-and-true "bounce-pat-shh" method of baby-calming (which still works!) and then my sweet little friend drooled all down my arm as we strolled around Babies R Us. Then, after the ride back to her crib (during which she fell asleep), H and I both realized that we forgot to take any pictures! Can you believe two scrapbookers forgot to take a single picture?!? I guess we were so excited to see each other and share everything that's new - Miss A's new nursery, pics of my kids who are SO big now, and just general catching up - that the actual being there was just too important to stop for a single "cheese" moment!
Thanks, H, for sharing your day with me, and for the yummy Yo! Burrito lunch. P, thanks for letting me steal your wife for a couple of hours for an adults-only lunch, and both your girls for the shopping excursion. And Miss A, thanks for all the smiles and chatter and even the drool. You are definitely a keeper!
PS - Check out H's account of our day - she beat me to the blog!


Heather said...

It was our pleasure! Let's do it again some time soon. :)


RLR said...

SOON being the most important word there! Remember, you are welcome up here any time, too. Anna is already an experienced traveler - we'd be glad to help her get a few hundred more miles under her belt!