Thursday, March 5, 2009

I think she likes it

I picked up some new bedding for Miss M yesterday (along with a new bed frame and headboard at my church's clothing exchange; still need a mattress and box springs). I saw it at TJMaxx a few weeks ago, and decided on Wednesday that if it was still there on Thursday morning that I would buy it.

When I resist the initial impulse to purchase something I often find that when I go back to purchase it, the item is more 'perfect' in my memory than it is in person. My own mental 'fish story' of sorts. When I went into TJMaxx on Wednesday, I was not disappointed. In fact, I found another piece of the set that I hadn't seen on my first visit! Woo hoo!

The kids were with me, and were much more interested in the purchase than I imagined they would be. Miss M even wanted to carry one part of it around with her, but I was able to convince her to put it in the cart. She keeps asking to put it on her bed (which, for now is a toddler bed, so a twin bedding set is just a teensy bit too big). This evening, she started pulling it out of the packaging. I think it's rather cute that she likes it so much, so of course I have photos to share:

She's got her head on the decorative pillow, and she's covered up with the pillow sham. She wanted to pull out 'my big blanket' (the quilt), but I distracted her with KittyCat (who's tucked in there with her). She was just a little tired after a busy day at preschool and an afternoon run for a few groceries.

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Jessica said...

That's crazy cute.

Glad Miss M is doing well. I wish we lived closer so I could have helped. See you Saturday!