Sunday, March 1, 2009

sNOw - again

My goodness, it's March 1st and here we are, perched on the leading edge of what the news is calling a BIG snowstorm. I'm not a fan of the snow - haven't been since the first time preschool was cancelled due to the weather. Mister J actually gets sad about snow days. He doesn't like missing school, either. Add to that a busy week ahead, chock-full of appointments and things to do, and this potential for snow is pretty aggravating. Never mind that the kids are already annoyed by the 2nd rainy day that's kept them inside.

Mister J woke up this morning feeling a little crummy, so we stayed home from church (for the 3rd weekend in a row...). I fixed a light breakfast, let Big J sleep in, put some chicken chili into the crockpot, and snuggled with the kids for a good portion of the morning.

I had to head out to church this afternoon, and stopped by the grocery store on the way (after all, it's cold enough out there that the groceries were just fine to sit in the mommy-van for an hour or so). It was busy, but not overly so, and the lines were short. Perhaps most people actually believed the weatherperson and got their inclement weather staples yesterday. I can't believe I spent over $80 on four bags of groceries in a trip that lasted about 20 minutes. (Confession - I did pick up a pack of 4 pinch bowls to use in the kids' Laptop Lunch Boxes. Since I bought them at the grocery store they were a little on the pricey side, but I haven't been able to find them anywhere else on the beaten path, and I hate to pay shipping for online purchases. Perhaps I should have checked with Esbee first to see if she knows where to find them locally. Oh, well, they are mine now - and in fun colors that will look great in the LLBs!)

When I got home, the kids were bored with being downstairs and getting cranky. We sent them upstairs to find something to do - there were groceries to be put away, so I went upstairs and checked on them a few moments later. It seemed too quiet for them to be in the playroom.... Well, let me show you what I found - my two sweeties, snuggled in with their blankets:

Miss M has been asking me lately to rock with her for a while at bedtime - she calls it "laying down in the rocking chair."

The forecast is still calling for 4-8 inches of snow. In this part of the nation, that's a lot, so I guess I need to accept the fact that tomorrow's dental appointments are probably going to have to be rescheduled. Mister J will not be quite as disappointed about missing school if everyone has to miss. And, if it's snowing instead of raining, the kids will get to go outside and wear their new rain (um, snow) boots!

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