Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Giveaway Time

It's giveaway time again, thanks to!

I am so happy with the postcards I had printed after my last giveaway, and now I am imagining how I could use custom-printed labels.

That's right - this time, the lucky winner will get 250 custom stickers! I can't even slim down the number of ideas that I have for how I would use custom labels - funky return address labels, a festive decoration for greeting card envelopes, to-from labels for gifts, bookplates, the list goes on!

Entering this contest is EASY! Just tell me how YOU would use 250 custom stickers! Here are the giveaway details:
  • ONE lucky winner will receive 250 full-color custom stickers/labels, printed on 70lb matte label paper
  • The winner can choose from three different sizes - 2"x3.5", 2"x4", or 3"x3"
  • Turnaround time - 4 business days from the time you approve your proof
  • Free UPS shipping
  • NOTE: only US residents are eligible to enter this giveaway
This giveaway will be open for two weeks, so be sure to get your comments in by the 17th! I'll randomly select a winner and post the results soon after. (Anonymous commenters, leave a way that I can reach you - for example, name(at)email(dot)com.)

I'm so excited to read your ideas!


Jess said...

I would make some labels that say something about "property of Mrs. Kawski" for my classroom. People are always stealing my stuff!

Ann Rowe said...

I know, don't be shocked, a comment from me...I guess it takes a giveaway. How would I use labels? Are you kidding?! With three children, all in school/day care/after school, I label EVERYTHING...from clothes to bottles. This would save me tons of time from writing labels!

The Smittys said...

i would use them inside of our favorite books that we lend out... i would use them of course for return address labels, labels for potluck dishes, labels for gift tags... the list could go on!

Marcey said...

I could use some address labels. I think you should make some that are "From the kitchen of RLR"

Jane Anne said...

I think I would use them for address labels. That's probably a boring choice but it is what I would use most, I think.

Jess said...

Who won?