Thursday, February 4, 2010

One-lunch week

Due to some snowy, sleety, icy, and generally wintry weather, the kids have been to school only once day this week. And that one day had a two-hour delay. School is already cancelled for tomorrow in anticipation of more wintry weather and freezing temps overnight. But, I did get to pack lunch, and I tried something new, so here goes!
Thermos with mac and cheese, yogurt, diced strawberries, carrots with ranch dip, and a clementine. I put some extra shredded cheese on top of the mac and cheese, which Mister J said was "good." Between lunch and snack time, he ate every single bite.

Miss M also had mac and cheese, yogurt, strawberries, carrots and ranch, but not a clementine. Even though she gets smaller portions, I wasn't sure she would eat what I would normally pack since she wanted - and ate - two breakfasts this morning. I decided to surprise her with some stickers in the 'empty' section of her lunchbox. I attached them with an accordion-folded strip of paper to make them stand out. She was rather pleased by them, it seemed, when I asked her about her lunch today. She ate most of her lunch, leaving behind about 2/3 of her mac and cheese. I figured the carrots would come back home, but I'm glad she ate the vegetables!

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Jess said...

I've got a tip for you!!!

Whenever you pack anything warm in a thermos for you kids, close it gently and then loosen it... just a few mm. Often, and by often I mean 50% of the time, parents tighten these well and then the heat makes them close more. I cannot tell you how many thermoses I have opened in my career as a teacher -- which is not the problem. Occasionally, I can't get it (and I'm a tough cookie) which makes it so that the child has to spend their lunch going around to every perceived strong adult to try and get it opened. Usually, we can find someone to get it. Occasionally, we've had to use hot water to get it. Rarely, the child did not get their lunch; but it does happen.

Tip from the teacher!