Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recent Poll

I recently polled my readers about what they most like reading on my blog. I didn't write a post indicating it was going up, so I was pleasantly surprised to have 13 voters! Voters were able to select as many items as they wanted, and here are the results:

Posts about Lunches - 8 votes (61%)
Funny Things the Kids Say - 6 votes (46%)
Tips/Advice - 2 votes (14%)
What We've Been Up To - 4 votes (30%)

These results are interesting to me for several reasons:
  • Posts about lunches was the top vote-getter
  • I've had more comments in the last week than ever before - almost all lunch-post related.
  • Tips/Advice got the least number of votes, but was one of the main things I intended to write about when I started this blog

1 comment:

Jane Anne said...

Those are interesting results. It almost makes me want to do a survey. Almost.

Keep writing! I enjoy your posts.