Monday, September 15, 2008

Coolest Party Idea

Took the boy to a really cool party on Saturday. If you live in the Southeast, you know that Saturday wasn't cool - but the party idea was. So cool, in fact, that I may use it myself come Mister J's fifth.

We were invited to a fire truck birthday party. And I don't just mean plastic fire hats and fire truck decorations. I mean there was a fire truck at the party. It's a public service where we live - who knew? Obviously, my neighbor, who was awesome enough to tell me how she worked it out. I learned that you can even have your party at the fire station if your groups is small enough and the kids are old enough to sit still for the video (or if gas prices go so high that the local FD has to cut costs, which means public services like this go first. Thanks, guys, for caring about how you spend my tax dollars!).

Here's Mister J checking out the driver's seat! He also checked out every other seat, too. Six in all. There's a laptop-type computer at the front passenger's seat. It's for getting info on calls, directions, and also for playing solitaire (the fireman told me so!). Even with all of the great techno-gadgets on this firetruck (which was about 2 years old), there was still something that reminded me of my first car. Something that Mister J had never encountered before. Manual (crank) windows. You remember those, don't you? Don't you???

Mister J had a lot of fun checking out the firetruck and watching the fireman put on all of his gear (in the heat! Bless him! He didn't model it for too long.). He remembered much more about firetrucks and fire gear from previous "Community Helpers" days at preschool than I thought he would. And, he even took a short break from the excitement to sit still (and smile!) for another cute photo without complaining!

(I know you must be wondering about Miss M. She was invited, too, but this party infringed upon naptime, and we had another party immediately after this one. So, she stayed home with Daddy while Mommy and Mister J went to the park to party with the neighbor's youngest.

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Georgia said...

How fun is that! That is a kids dream come true! I hate when parties infringe on nap time.....