Monday, September 15, 2008

Ear Infections are No Fun At All

Ouch. Owwwww. Someone please hit me in the head with a baseball bat. Knock me out so I can wake up on the other side of this pain.

That was me, at 12:10am. All the way until about 2am, when I finally fell asleep. My ear felt like someone had plunged an icepick deep inside. Graphic, I know - but honest. And it all came on starting Sunday morning. By 2pm, I was in bed - for the rest of the day. I was taking something every four hours, on the dot, for the pain. And at midnight - the worst pain I can remember in over 10 years. Including recovery from 2 c-sections. Not kidding. Today is Monday, and thanks to some antibiotics I'm already feeling some better.

Thankfully, I could call and make an appointment with my doctor, be seen mid-morning, have my suspicions (ear and sinus infections) confirmed, and be dosing up by noon. Thankfully, I'm not an infant without even a small vocabulary - with no means other than crying to let my adults know that something is wrong. Something. Is. WRONG.......

I now understand why kids can be so cranky when in pain. Why they stay up half the night whining. I spent half the night pressing in on my forehead to keep it from exploding. 36 hours before that, I just had a little bit of a scratchy throat. This thing came on fast. Around 1:30am, I was considering driving myself to urgent care, and debating in the midst of my phantom-icepick-induced-pain if anyone there would care if I was in my pajamas. Now, just after 8pm, I am hoping that my kids have managed to avoid the monster bug that started it all.

Years from now, when my kids look back on my cyber-musings, I want them to know that now, finally, unfortunately, I understand the pain of ear infections.


Heather said...

OOOHHHH!! I'm sending sympathy hugs. I hope you feel better soon and you are able to get some rest without having to do a lot around the house. Remember to take it easy!

Georgia said...

Yuck- that is NO fun! I had to get a tube in my ear a few years ago and I literally screamed when they pulled it out. I felt bad for the other kids in the office! Hope you are feeling better!