Saturday, September 6, 2008


Here's a quick video snippet of my kids watching the intro to a new Disney Channel show called Imagination Movers. Apparently, it's called Imagination Movers for good reason! Mister J and Miss M kept this up for the whole show! I didn't get the best part of her dancing, but you get the idea.

This is definitely going to be an alternative to outdoor activity on days when Mother Nature isn't cooperating with my kids' need to get expend some energy - fun for them, and educational, too. Another plus - it has real people in it - not just animation!

(Hooray for me - my first video post!)


Heather said...

First of all...congrats on your first video post. Keep em coming! Second, I love this!!! They are too cute and have great moves. I'll remember this when Anna can actually do something other than sit and roll around.

Georgia said...

How fun- we missed the first show even though I had made a mental note. I love that they danced the whole time. You've inspired me to work on a video post. We'll see!