Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yes, my kids are older - potty-trained and all of that - but we still have firsts! Tonight, I have a 'first' to share for each of the kids!

Mister J has been taking swim lessons at school, and today he swam on his own - face in the water, and no floaties - for the very first time! I'm so proud of him! He was very timid in the water last summer, so I'm incredibly excited for him. He has been so proud of his accomplishments after each swim lesson (twice a week) - and I can't believe he waited until bedtime tonight to tell me this!

Miss M - well, this isn't exactly the same kind of milestone, but I think all kids do it... Miss M decided to take things into her own hands today and take a chunk out of her hair. Thankfully, she only snipped off part of a little ponytail (just the front section of hair that I'd pulled back for her dance class this afternoon), and it seems to blend into the rest of her hair pretty well. However, "Dr. Sabrina" will certainly notice it at our next hair appointment!


Jane Anne said...

Oh, I dread the cutting hair thing. My boys never did that. I guess it's a bit easier with a girl.

Congrats to Mister J on his swimming!

Hartley said...

Yea for Mr "J", I'm very proud of him, do tell him that.
Miss "M" !! What can I say, you Mom did the same thing and I think your Aunt "L" did too. Mom should relax, right?

The Smittys said...

yay for swimming! bless you for the haircut!!! btw, love the new blog look. i do RSS feed... so i'm not sure how long you've had it, but i like it!

Heather said...

I want to see pics of the new hairdo! And way to go J on your swimming accomplishment-whoo hoo.