Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jan Brett Book Tour!

We spent a large part of the afternoon and evening at a local bookstore for a talk and book signing by author and illustrator Jan Brett.

Our afternoon began with a wait in line to get book signing certificates. Aren't they pretty? (Don't know why blogger uploads this as a vertical picture - I've edited and resaved it horizontally. However, it's worth craning your neck for this one!)

Miss M was a trouper - she and I were at the bookstore for nearly 6 hours! She colored and snacked and sat in my lap while I read Town Mouse Country Mouse. I'd planned to take a quick break after that to go and get Mister J - but Daddy brought him to us! We went out to the Mommy-van for a while, read Hedgie Blasts Off!, had a little snack, then headed back into the bookstore for the big event! We got to ...

see Hedgie

hear Jan Brett speak and give a short art lesson

(the final product)

and then wait our turn in line to meet her for ourselves!

Mister J was particularly excited to go to the book signing since his class did an author study on Jan Brett earlier in the school year. We saw several of his classmates there, as well as one of Miss M's classmates and Mister J's teacher.

Jan Brett took a few moments to speak with each of the kids as she signed each of their books (including a small drawing as well), and I'm pleased to report that neither was too shy to talk with her.

What a fun afternoon/evening, and a great experience for the kids!

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Shannon said...

That sounds like a fun day! I'm glad your kids enjoyed it. I've only been to "grown up" author signings, but they are always fun. It's cool to meet the person who is behind something you have enjoyed reading - regardless of age!