Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hair and Nails

Don't tell Daddy... Maggie was such a good girl during her haircut today that "Dr. Sabrina" polished her nails afterwards.

(Miss M has always called her Doctor Sabrina - that's the only way I could convince her to get her hair cut the first time I took her.)


Heather said...

"Dr. S"??? That is hilarious. Anna won't go anywhere near a doctor, so I will not be using this technique. All her cuts are done by me anyway...I suppose one day she might have to go to a pro.

Shannon said...

This is such a cute pic Ryan! Your daughter is adorable. Have fun playing with the new camera.

Michelle | UPrinting said...

Hehe, so cute having your nails done at such a young age. remember myself at that time not being very enthusiastic about spending extended periods of time being manicured.