Friday, July 10, 2009

While Mister J is away, the girls will play!

Well, actually, Mister J hasn't really gone anywhere...
...but he is at a camp this week, and he's having a blast! While he's there, Miss M and I are having our own brand of fun. Keep coming back to the post, because I'll be updating it throughout the week. (If I can figure it out, I'll try to keep this post at the top of the blog for a few days!)

Mondays are fun days around here - literally! Several families from church get together for Fun Day Mondays - usually playtime at a local park and then a picnic lunch. Miss M and I arrived early this week, and spent some time exploring the walking paths before our friends arrived.
I think she was just a little excited about our mom-and-daughter time - I know that I was! She was carrying a bendable Easter bunny toy in her purse that morning, but it was destined to hold more treasures.

She found many treasures along our walk (leaves, weeds, and the pinecone you see above), and called the pinecone her 'corn on the cob' all afternoon. She even wanted me to cook it for dinner! As we walked, I let her lead the way - she narrated our journey, told me when to be quiet so I wouldn't scare the animals, and generally pretended we were in the jungle like Diego.

On the way back up to the playground, she enjoyed a moment to look at a tiny creek.
After the second peek over the side of the bridge, she decided her purse was in the way and handed it to me. Then I got that third shot as my heart tried to leap from my chest - do you see that she pulled herself up on the wall and her feet are off of the ground? After that, it was time to go back to the playground for sure. She wasn't happy about that at first - even told me she was 'so angry' because she wanted to walk more. It wasn't long, though, before her inner monkey took hold and she was climbing and sliding with everyone else!

Today has been a big day, too! Miss M got a brand new booster seat yesterday, and we put it in the mommy-van this morning. She's was very excited about it, though she doesn't look it here. That's her 'not another picture, Mom!' expression.... But she really does like her new seat. She picked the pink and lavender flowers over the red and tan options - such a girl!!!
To add to the girly fun, we both got our hair cut today. It's Miss M's first cut by a professional. Mommy can wield scissors, but she's not nearly as good as Dr. Sabrina! Yes, I said doctor. Miss M was convinced that she wanted to go to the doctor today, and was not happy about the haircut until I told her that "Dr. Sabrina" would be doing it!
Sitting in the big chair before her haircut. She did pretty well for a 3-year-old, and was so well-behaved while I got my cut!

Afterwards, we went to a local stationery store. Miss M helped me pick out my new calendar and a birthday gift for a friend. We've got to shop for another birthday gift this week, too - just ran out of time today.

Wednesday was Movie Day!
Miss M didn't really like the movie - The Land Before Time - mainly because she was sad that Littlefoot lost his mommy. Silver lining? You bet! Miss M snuggled with me for most of the movie. I loved that! We also ran into some friends while we were there - another nice treat. After a quick stop by the library, we were headed to pick up Mister J from camp!

Thursday was Miss M's 3-year well visit, so we spent the morning at the pediatrician. (No shots - hooray!) Miss M is enjoyed the opportunity to talk with Dr. C about what she had for breakfast, weigh on the big girl scales, and help Dr. C with the stethoscope and otoscope. When it was time to pick up Mister J, his group leader invited Miss M to sit with the big kids for the closing assembly.
She knows many of the songs already, so she was right at home! I can't wait until she's old enough to attend this camp.

Friday was a very busy morning - no pictures. We were packing for a trip to see Grandma RL and Aunt L for the weekend, then to the closing program for Mister J's camp (so cute! I tried hard not to cry, but did get teary. So proud of Mister J!), then lunch, then on the road. Whew! What a fun, but busy, week! Next week: While Miss M is Away, Mommy and Mister J will Play!


Heather said...

How do you do the triple shots all together? Like that a lot. Also, had to laugh at the Corn on the Cob. Miss M is growing up so fast! You two look like you're having tons of fun. :)

Jenny said...

How fun! I love her new car seat too, it's cute!

RLR said...

H - Love it!

Trisha said...

Love the girl time!