Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update on Miss M

Just a quick note to let you know that Miss M continues to do well after her "the driveway won" head lump. The swelling continues to go down, the color on her forehead is fading (it's that 'old bruise yellow' right now, underneath a little bit of road rash), but she has developed some purple color in the inner corners of her eyes. The lump is a little right of center, so her right eye has the deepest color. We were warned that the color may 'bleed' into black eyes, so thankfully I wasn't surprised by this change. She also continues to tell us that it doesn't hurt, which is good news to me. Most importantly, she's still just as spirited and adventurous as ever!


Crystal said...

I am glad she is ok. It is amazing how strong kids can be.

Heather said...

Thank goodness she's ok. I'm sure she's love a picture of her wonderful new look. :)

Jane Anne said...

I am thankful she is alright. Thanks for the update.