Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Miss M turned THREE!

We had a small family celebration at home on Miss M's actual birthday - a small cake, a few gifts, and a decent bedtime in preparation for the big party the following day. While you'll find my favorite photo here, there were many that I loved. Here is the birthday story, told in photos.

After dinner and the cake, it was time to open birthday gifts!

Cooking up something yummy with her new stove and cookware!
Only a few moments later she said, "We need some plates!" Of course, we quickly gathered some plates so she could serve up her creations!

A birthday hug!

Waiting for guests to arrive at the Tinkerbell-themed pool party!

After some swimming, and a lunch of pizza and watermelon, it was time for some (more) cake!

Scratch carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I think she likes it!

There are lots of other photos of the swimming and eating and gift opening that I would love to share - but for the sake of privacy for our family and friends, I will not be posting any more. Know that we had an absolutely lovely day, and we appreciate all of the birthday wishes Miss M received. Also, I highly recommend a pool party for any child with a summer birthday!