Sunday, July 5, 2009

Still here... (aka Random Catch-Up Post)

Well, actually, we've been at the pool a lot. But what I mean is that I'm still around. Just kinda been busy and the blog is lower on the list of priorities than, say, maintaining my sanity by packing up some lunches and heading off to the pool to drain all of the energy from have fun with the kiddos. No camps last week, so I was full-time, two-hands-busy, and we still only ate out once (we ordered pizza at the pool because the kids ate all of their lunches and were still hungry - but more on the ramifications of that later, and maybe even pics of the three new pairs of shoes that have been purchased recently). By the way, that 'not eating out' part is a big deal around here - especially as much as we were on-the-go last week. And especially as much as I love to eat out :)

Mister J starts another day camp tomorrow, and it's Miss M's turn the following week. Also trying to get a hair appointment, visit with a friend, keep the dishwasher and washing machine busy, keep Mister J interested in swim lessons, and maybe clean up just a little around here. OH, and get the blog caught up (Miss M's birthday, the first time I packed four lunches, and other fun tidbits from around here). It's already time to re-organize the toy room again - how does that happen so fast?!? The nice part about that, though, is that Mister J realized that things have gotten out of place. Hooray for small victories!

How can it be that summer is halfway over?!? It seems like it just begun. We have really gotten into a groove of pool, storytimes, playdates, and even naps some days! I think I'm really going to miss summer when it's over - especially the pool!

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Heather said...

I hear ya on the summer half over thing. I'm already missing it! We've had such a good time hanging out just the three of us and I know it will be hard to return to work come August.