Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Thanks #15

It's Thursday again, and boy did it ever sneak up on me this week! I have two big thanks items this week - both related to the other.

I'm thankful for the fantastic summer camp that Mister J is atetnding, and for the wonderful girl time that Miss M and I have shared while he's been there! (follow that link to take you to the post I'm continually updating about our week)

The week's not over yet, and neither is the camp - rest assured this is not the last you will hear about it. I'm looking forward to the CD of music from camp - we get it tomorrow after the closing program. Yes, my friends, a closing program! From the CD to the healthy snacks to the fact that Miss M is already learning the songs and she's not even attending, I love this camp, and my kids will attend every year they are eligible!

(I'm also thankful for my friend, Cynthia, who passed along the contact information about this camp!)

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