Friday, July 10, 2009


Big J had a bowl of the Best Shrimp and Grits in the Southeast for dinner tonight! We drive quite a ways for these, and are never disappointed. (Bummed that I forgot to use my flash, so I don't think you can quite understand the deliciousness from this photo alone. But, trust me - best. shrimp. and. grits. Ever.) Only disappointment of the evening was that we could not have the Pound Cake Panini for dessert because the ice cream in it contains eggs (we all eat according to Miss M's food allergies, especially if it's something we know she will want to eat - like ice cream). However, since we couldn't actually finish all of our meals, we ended up skipping dessert anyway.


Jane Anne said...

Oh, I bet those were good! I don't even have to see a good picture. It sounds delicious.

Crystal said...

It sounds very good and my son would go crazy for it. Bradon loves loves grits its the first thing he ask for when he wakes up.