Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Storing Outdoor Toys

You may have read about my method here, or maybe you hopped over from here - either way, WELCOME! I'm so glad you stopped by to see how we keep our outdoor toys put away and our back yard relatively tidy.

Let me go ahead and spill the beans, and then I'll share some photos. We use a rolling garbage bin to store our outdoor toys. Now, don't get overcome by the 'ick' factor and stop reading! We bought the bin specifically for this purpose. Let me show you how well it works!

This is what our yard often looks like at the end of playtime.

While the sand toys get put away under the shell of the turtle sandbox, I have to have a place for all of the balls, the bowling pins, and other outdoor toys. We originally considered a storage bench that would stay on the porch, but found that they were expensive. Plus, we didn't want to constantly haul toys from the porch down to the backyard, and then back up to the porch every time we played outside. The rolling bin works perfectly! Take a look:

Housed under the porch, it's convenient and easily accessible.
Here's a shot to give you some better perspective.

It's only partially-filled - there are 10 sand-filled 2-liter bottles in there!
Let's add more toys and see what happens...
It holds them all - and I can still close it!

Aside from keeping the back yard tidy, the toys also stay dry. We rarely have to dry out the bin - maybe once each season, which is probably not a bad idea, anyway.

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Molly Green said...

I think that's a great idea. I bought two cheap ones that we keep in our basement to store sleeping bags.

Amber said...

Great idea, I love that you have a spot for it under the porch too!